An Urgent Transition Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 Before June 2024!

The digital marketing world is witnessing an important shift: the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

As we approach the final stage of UA’s sunset in July 2024, it’s crucial for marketers and advertisers to understand and adapt to this change.

Understanding the Transition

Few marketers know that a new deadline is upon us: arriving July 1st 2024, Google Analytics 3 will entirely shut down. On this date, your GA3 properties will be permanently deleted.

Universal Analytics has been the backbone of website analytics for years, offering insights into user behavior and website performance. Already, as we log into our UA accounts today, an ominous message greets us: “This property is no longer processing new data. Save your property data before it’s deleted….” 

Google recently confirmed the final deadline: you will lose access to the UI and the API. This warning signals the urgency of migrating your GA3 data to Google BigQuery.

Why the Switch Matters ?

GA4 is not just a new version of Google Analytics; it represents a paradigm shift in data tracking and analysis. With a focus on user privacy, cross-platform tracking, and Google BigQuery, GA4 is tailored for the future of digital marketing. This transition is not merely a technical update but a strategic opportunity to leverage GA3 Data in clients marketing efforts. Therefore you will be able to:

  • Create models and analyze user’s behavior evolution;
  • Keep business’ history and compare data with previous years;
  • Work on AI-powered insights;

Timeline of the Transition

  1. It is already February 1st: You will have only 5 months to manage the entire transition. This represents less than 103 business days, if you prefer;
  2. July 2024: Access to UA’s user interface and API ends for all users.
  3. The main risks include:
  4. Due to Data retention settings/policies, Google will delete some of your data every month;

 This means specifically:

  • You will lose access to your collected Universal Analytics / GA3 data completely;
  • There will be no other way to transfer Universal Analytics data to GA4;
  • You will lose valuable data if you do not do a granular GA3 extraction;

Alya Bridge helps you with the Change

The shift to GA4 may seem daunting, but it’s a necessary step to stay competitive in the digital landscape. Here are some steps to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Connect your Google Analytics 4 property to Google BigQuery;
    Extract your GA3 data: Our app makes the backup process quick and simple. You’ll be able to backup your data in just a matter of minutes. And you will only pay for the number of sessions you would like to extract (and for which timeframe), stitching to your existing BigQuery if required:
  • Migrate Your Data: Start by setting up a GA4 property alongside your UA property. This dual setup allows you to familiarize yourself with GA4 while still having access to UA data. Our Team can help you with the process, if needed.
  • Seek Expert Advice: Our experts can help you with the process. The entire Team was trained to use only Google’s official comprehensive guides and resources to ease the transition – get in touch to learn about our success cases.

Read more about Google’s deadline here :


The switch to Google Analytics 4 is inevitable and imminent. By embracing this change, marketers can unlock new insights and opportunities in the digital marketing space. Call us now to ensure a smooth transition and harness the full potential of GA4 for your website’s success.


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