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Why they chose ALYA ?


Ensures that the best practices are used for optimal user experience

Marketing Teams

Identifies underused growth opportunities

It Teams

Securely connects data sources at scale

Our Products

1. Marketing Recommendations

ALYA connects with your marketing platform to analyze the performance of your campaigns and then recommends growth opportunities.

If the performance of a specific campaign can be improved, ALYA will tell you. This can be the difference between a winning and a losing campaign – a happy customer and an upset boss.

2. Website Personalization

ALYA’s website personalization solution analyzes the traffic coming to your website to increase conversion and engagement.

ALYA’s AI model decides the best variation for each individual user in real-time and dynamically personalize contents such as:



Product Recommendation



Other elements of your liking

How does it work?

ALYA pixel collects user activity for each page view and sends it to our ALYA Brain. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure processes the data in a few milliseconds. Datasets can be extracted from our data lake to train and deploy custom models.

STOP to Waste Ad Spend

Our website personalization solution assures your marketing spend doesn’t go out of the window:

  • Reaching customers in the right location at the right time
  • Advertising on the proper channel
  • Using the right targeting
  • Finding the optimal bid

Features & Solutions


Real-time Marketing Recommendations driven by AI


Recommend the best products for the user based on billions of parameters

Beta Labs

Here’s what we’re cooking for our early adopters
  • Campaign creation

  • SEO
    •  Improve your positions in Google search results & outrank your SEO competitors!
    • Optimize multiple pages of your domain for Google with just one script, no coding!
    • Compatible with any technology from Shopify to Drupal, perfect if you don’t have WordPress!
    • Works with 100% of websites, no matter what you are already doing with SEO.
  • AutoPilot
    • Omnichannel Personalization Automation for Handling of creatives (start/pause/create), URL destinations, parting (day,geo,hour,language) will bring a better CTR and a better conversion rate to the site, and test several combinations.
  • Visitor Graph
    • User real time scoring and personalized Backgrounds, CTAs texts, colours, banners based on their behaviour, content, etc.
  •  BrainStorm
    • Media planning

 Increase your KPIs by 40% in just 4 months

Improve Customer Loyalty

Increase Average Shopping Cart

Decrease Management Time

Become Data Driven

Identifies your Core Audiences and Converts Them through Automated Actions with Alya