Campaign AI intent scoring – The eCommerce industry case study

The digital marketing world is witnessing an important shift: the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

As we approach the final stage of UA’s sunset in July 2024, it’s crucial for marketers and advertisers to understand and adapt to this change.

How can AI scoring help eCommerce campaigns ?

ALYA’s AI campaign scoring is a novel method of advertising. Instead of advertising to the entirety of your site’s visitors who have not yet bought a product, you can instead choose to advertise to only the best users. This offers an improved method of executing retargeting.

ALYA’s high intent scoring model is tagging Real-Time users in the cloud and sending these audiences to the Facebook pixel, the Google Ads pixel or through other tools depending on the platform. Users are modelized based on our proprietary technology at ALYA, where they are assigned with a value between 0 to 100. A high score means better results and a lower score means that the user was not interested in visiting the website; therefore lower chance of converting in the future.

We can target high-value visitors directly by building audiences, or even by running a prospecting campaign (also called lookalike audiences). The other group is randomly selected users to be active. The active group would be people who see customized dropdown for which the AI thinks the best option for the dropdown.

The goal was to check if, based on our hypothesis, the conversions, bounce rate, and other KPIs would move on the website during two months of the test period.

Why is AI campaign scoring better than traditional retargeting or prospecting?

AI intent scoring has been long sought after by marketers. It is different than retargeting in the way that those campaigns will reach out to all of your users, including those who are unlikely to be converted and not interested in your products or services.

You are thus wasting and spending a lot of money on your campaign; which translates to a low CTR and thus a higher CPC. This reduces your impressions to share in Google, Facebook, and other programmatic channels.

Based on our first tests with our customers, we saw that AI campaign scoring is being shown at a much higher rate than traditional campaigns. Its use can also significantly reduce fraud by only communicating with your best users. AI campaign scoring takes advantage of all the built-in methods of user matching or look-alike campaigns, especially in Facebook or Google.

AI campaign scoring case study

An eCommerce company named EC3D tested ALYA’s AI intent campaign scoring. The following describes their first results.

EC3D offers compression wear online in North America (United States and Canada). They have three stores, one for English Canada, one for English U.S. and one for French Canada. Using ALYA’s campaign scoring to modelize their best users, the general retargeting was compared to the reduced retargeting from the best predicted users. You will find below the results of our intent scoring campaigns. You can see clearly that Facebook had a strong preference towards serving ads from the intent scoring. We actually see a twofold increase in the reach and frequency from the scoring campaigns compared to other methods.

Regarding the results, we see that even if we were running at a reduced audience size because we removed unwanted users, we received a significant increase in conversions. We are confident that the retargeting campaigns using ALYA’s intent technologies produce and yield much higher results.

When it comes to prospecting campaigns, we also modelize prospecting of the people who arrive at the stores compared to intent scoring campaigns by ALYA.

Prospecting campaigns by ALYA produced a higher impression and also generated a much better return on spend than its significant counterparts.These EC3D campaigns are now an essential pillar of their eCommerce strategy to gain more buyers, to acquire more users and to engage a higher loyalty of their fanbase.

In conclusion

AI provides a real-time score of your best users who have yet to convert on your site.

If you’re in a competitive industry and you’re looking to get an edge over your competitors, you should definitely consider ALYA’s scoring campaigns as part of your acquisition strategy.

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