AI Personalization for Real-Estate Case Study

The digital marketing world is witnessing an important shift: the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

As we approach the final stage of UA’s sunset in July 2024, it’s crucial for marketers and advertisers to understand and adapt to this change.

Mint Group is a leading real estate developer in Canada also operating in the United States.

Challenges and objectives

Minto’s most crucial webpage was the homepage regarding traffic and registrations – acting as a proxy towards the user’s needs and region. Nevertheless, despite the contribution and importance of this page, little effort was invested in improvement. So Index proposed two different methods to measure effectiveness with ALYA’s Engine. The first one is to build a control group that would not see any change on the site, to ensure that they get the regular experience.

The other group is randomly selected users to be active. The active group would be people who see customized dropdown for which the AI thinks the best option for the dropdown.

The goal was to check if, based on our hypothesis, the conversions, bounce rate, and other KPIs would move on the website during two months of the test period.


ALYA engine built a custom model based on the users on the website, decided what best option users should pick in real-time, and proposed this option in the dropdown. However, we only used Google Tag Manager (javascript), and nothing was asked from Minto’s development team.


The conversion rate on the submissions form for the registration was increased by 50% for people arriving on the homepage. The engagement skyrocketed by 56% for people who arrived on other pages from the website and returned to the homepage. Additionally, other conversions were also increased for some active groups and those who accepted ALYA’s suggestion. Index team will keep working with Minto to improve and deploy the model at a fully scaled and make this experiment permanent.Minto is also considering implementing more AI in other parts of their website to personalize the user experience.

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