How To Improve Your Google Ads Campaigns With AI Software?

The digital marketing world is witnessing an important shift: the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

As we approach the final stage of UA’s sunset in July 2024, it’s crucial for marketers and advertisers to understand and adapt to this change.

Discover How Data-Driven Marketers  Optimize Their Marketing Campaigns?

Can marketers improve their Google Ads campaigns by using AI software? Absolutely!

Basically with artificial intelligence, we can scale and optimize to new levels, which were not previously possible. Oddly, marketers use very few optimization platforms. They prefer to do everything by hand. This makes no sense ! We know how Google Ads and Google Analytics interface are painstakingly slow. Google Data Studio  is not better and also clunky. There are a lot of solutions and tools that are available to marketers like you, but most of them do not use actual AI. They are mostly rules based (if, then, else).

So that’s why we came up with our own solution that can extract the data behind the scenes, under one roof, and we can then perform automated AI analysis at a new level. Indeed, AI can do things that a human cannot do at a much faster pace ! And that’s much more efficient because there are so many ways more productive things humans can  do…

Let’s be real, AI is never going to replace humans.  We need to think about what we call the non-quantifiable things. For example, creativity, customer campaign dates or promotions are all things that AI will never perfectly replace. Therefore, we need our staff to interact with customers and business, etc. And let the AI run the optimization side of the business.  Marketers then can focus on the real value that they’re bringing : the macro view. Optimization is too micro and not worth their energy. This should clarify what optimization is and what AI software can do, and why we should use one.

Concrete AI Applications To Your Campaigns. 

AI has multiple and immediate applications towards campaigns. Let’s look at some of them you can implement today.

AI Monitoring AI 

The first myth we need to debunk is that the ad platforms, no matter if it’s Google ads or Facebook ads or Bing ads, no matter if it’s search ads display, there’s this myth that they’re working towards a better goal but that’s not true. These marketing platforms want us to spend the most money possible. And this is why we should not just blindingly give them our credit cards.

Definitely, marketing platforms are already implementing AI themselves. Yet, many of them are not purely for our benefit. For example, Google Ads have been gradually removing “phrase match” and [exact match], they’re all going away and Google is just telling us to trust them when they optimize your campaigns for really basic things. That’s an example of how marketing platforms are removing transparency and levers in the name of AI.

Look at the Google Ads Recommendations area. The optimization score Google Ads provides is NOT useful. If you look at the recommendations, it’s a serious mess and no serious marketer implements all the recommendations that Google Ads suggests.
This is a reason why we’ve been implementing into ALYA a feature to counter bad AI from the platforms.

Smart Outage Detection

Most marketers manage more than one account, multiple channels, and destination URLs. For that reason, marketers can’t monitor everything. Combined with the fact that marketing budgets are getting smaller and smaller… it’s a recipe to miss your next big mistake.

The normal thing to do when your site is down is to pause the campaigns until the platforms go back live. If you get a clean “404 not found”, some platforms might alert and pause them for you (most still won’t)! The problem is that modern landing pages don’t always return a correct server response. Let’s say you miss a dead page for a few days, or worse for a week, that can cost you thousands.

We need a smart(er) error detection system than the one provided by the marketing platforms.  By using ALYA, you will get better alerts and recommendations to reduce costly mistakes.

Reducing Ad Waste

When should you be pausing a keyword? Looking at hundreds of keywords, you could spend a whole day. And then, what percentage of it should you apply?

Similarly, if you have one performing keyword, then you should isolate this one and try to find similar ones.  You could also find similar performing keywords to spend more on these.

When there is a signal that you should increase or decrease your budget, you should act on it. Right now, our AI can handle them for you and your company at the same rate as a human would do. We’re not automatically yet implementing those actions, we’re looking at implementing those automatically in the future. But you still need to have this signal for your team or the customer.

A/B Testing Ads With Rotation 

Another example, we all know that marketers should always be rotating ads. A minimum of two versions of ads are competing together, one will turn out the winner and the other the loser. Sometimes if you have lots of traffic, you can run three versions or four versions of the same ad in your group. 

ALYA takes care of this for you and it checks which campaign you should be pausing in each Ad group. If you’ve got an ad that you should pause in your ad group, then ALYA also tells you or If you forgot to activate one of those, then ALYA will let you know to create a new similar ad to this version. You’re on a quest to find the next edge ?  ALYA’s AI algorithm generates insights and recommendations such as increasing or reducing budgets for your marketing campaigns.

Target correct user segments

Another thing that is hard to do as marketers, is to look at advanced dimensions. If you are looking at a specific ad group at certain times for an ad group, you will have demographics that perform much better such as gender (men, women, the unknown), and sometimes by excluding those, you can get much better results. The same thing with dayparting or week parting, you can get much better performance by stopping specific periods. We can even do instead of pausing those, is to drastically increase a bid for those days or particular devices or incomes or regions, etc.

You don’t have the time to optimize all in such fine detail and in a granular way but that’s all things ALYA can do!

ALYA to improve your Google ads campaigns

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